Product image 1Children's Bubblegum Flavor Prophy Paste, Power of Purple Box of 200 Cups. Professional Teeth Whitening. Made in USA
Product image 2POPWHITE Prophy Paste. 200 cups. Professional Teeth Whitening. 100% Peroxide Free, No Sensitivity, No Irritation. No enamel loss. Vegan. All natural.
Product image 3Children's Bubblegum Flavor Prophy Paste for Teeth Whitening. 200 Cups. All Natural. No Peroxide, Charcoal. Enamel safe.
Product image 4Children's Bubblegum Flavor Prophy Paste. Box of 200 Cups. Color correcting. Professional Enhanced whitening. Peroxide free. All natural.

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Children's Bubblegum Flavor Prophy Paste, Power of Purple Box of 200 Cups

Product Details:

POPWHITE "Power of Purple" Prophy Paste instantly whitens, brightens and cleans teeth.
It effectively whitens natural teeth, restorations, veneers and composites. A premium quality product that thoroughly cleans teeth, leaving a smooth texture without sensitivity. Add to it a low splatter, gluten-free formula that’s easy to work with.
Patient testimonials state superior results and satisfaction.
  • Children's Prophy Paste in Bubblegum Flavor!!!
  • World’s First Whitening Prophy Paste
  • Proprietary POP technology
  • Clinically tested
  • No Sensitivity  
  • Low Splatter 
  • Gluten Free
Ingredients: Water, CMC Gum, Monosodium Phosphate, Pumice, Vegetable Glycerin 99%, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Silicate, Veegum, Blue 1, Red 33, Bubble Gum Flavor.


users said they prefer using POPWHITE over whitening strips and trays.


users said POPWHITE does not cause irritation, pain or sensitivity of the gums or teeth.


users said POPWHITE toothpaste and oral rinse, when used together twice a day for fourteen days, made their teeth noticeably whiter.

Color Correcting
Patented Technology
Peroxide Free &
Sensitivity Free
Dazzling White Teeth
Glossy Bright Teeth
Silky Polished Finish
Beautiful Fresh Breath
Dentist Recommended
Reduces Plaque & Tartar
Sensitivity Free
Fluoride Free
Cruelty Free
Thoughtfully Made in the USA

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