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the new and natural way to whiten teeth without sensitivity


The New Way To White

Color Correcting
Patented Technology

Peroxide Free &
Sensitivity Free

The Dental Cosmetic™
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Clinically Proven &
Dentist Recommended

POPWHITE, the first ever Color Correcting oral care that, offers an easy way to achieve
and maintain a glossy white smile. Just use
Toner, morning and evening, in place of your
ordinary toothpaste and oral rinse.

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Color Correcting technology

Conventional whitening products rely on peroxide, a type of bleach. In order to whiten teeth, peroxide breaks up stain molecules in dental enamel. However, in doing so it contributes to wearing down the enamel and may cause tooth sensitivity.


Increased porosity and erosion in tooth enamel caused by peroxide use.



Peroxide free dental whitening.

POPWHITE instead uses color correction, not peroxide. POPWHITE features multi-benefit oral care products infused with a proven purple formula to reduce the visibility of yellow dental stains.

Due to the nature of color perception, complementary colors such as purple and yellow, cancel each other out.

Inspired by the art and science of beauty, POPWHITE brings color correction to oral care!

The Pop Difference

POPWHITE features a patented system that is proven to whiten natural and artificial teeth safely and gradually.

Clinical trials demonstrate that POPWHITE primer & POPWHITE toner, when used together twice a day for 14 days, whiten teeth an average of four shades.
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before and after

The Star Ingredients

FDA Approved Colorants

POPWHITE mixes food and drug grade blue and red colorants to create its patented and validated Power of Purple formulas.


Commonly derived from birch trees, xylitol is an all-natural substance which helps to reduce plaque and rebuild enamel. It is a dental powerhouse supported by numerous clinical studies.

Coconut Oil

Historically used to clean teeth, research shows that coconut oil reduces plaque and tartar. Coconut oil also contributes to a better oral environment.

The Philosophy

Peroxide Free

Fluoride Free


Cruelty Free

Made in USA

Until my dentist told me about POPWHITE Oral Rinse, I had never heard about a mouthwash that could also whiten your teeth. I had whiter teeth immediately after using this mouthwash, which was a surprise to me for sure. The taste is amazing and really wakes you up! I’d recommend this product. It works great!

Victoria, British Columbia

I like to drink tea every day, but I don’t like way it makes my teeth look. I also have a sip of red wine from time to time and afterwards my teeth are pretty yellow/gray…not a good look. My dentist told me about this toothpaste and within 2 days my teeth looked whiter. I’m not sure exactly how the product works, but it does!

St. Paul, Minnesota

This toothpaste is so different from any I have ever tried before. It made my teeth feel so smooth and I could not believe how whiter my teeth were immediately. I use it every day and before I go out on the weekends and my friends say my teeth look great. I love it.

Elk Grove, California

I love this product… I do highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone! It left my teeth white and feeling SUPER CLEAN!

Houston, Texas

I tried this toothpaste last night for the first time and it WAS amazing. My teeth felt like I just left the dentist. I am more than impressed. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Consider me a life long customer. Thank you for developing this toothpaste…I love it!

Chicago, Illinois

POPWHITE has been a game-changer for me when it comes to my daily oral care routine. Never one for pricey, peroxide-based treatments, I'm comfortable using POPWHITE and love that it's both effective and a completely safe and natural way to whiten my teeth.

New York, New York