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Discover POPWHITEĀ® - the Fastest Acting, Low-Abrasion, Innovative Whitening Toothpaste and POPWHITEĀ Teeth Whitening Pen
Dr. Martin Giniger, DMD, PhD

By Martin Giniger, DMD, PhD

Face it, we all want whiter teeth but not all professional treatments from a dentist are affordable. But whiteness is well within reach with the wide array of whitening toothpastes. Yet so many products make so many promises that you may not know which toothpaste to pick. Allow me to enlighten you on the wide world of whitening.

Whitening has come a long way and todayā€™s whitening toothpastes can whiten and brighten better than ever. While professional whitening by a dentist is expensive, it does provide immediate results; you may just want to whiten at home if your staining is mild or your budget is limited. And over-the-counter whitening toothpastes are perfect for that purpose. These powerful dental care products can dissolve discoloration, take away stains, remove plaque, strengthen enamel, and even prevent new stains from forming.

Today, there are a wide variety of new whitening toothpastes, but the newest toothpastes that most use optical technology to whiten teeth often use either black charcoal, which is abrasive, or in the case of POPWHITEĀ® uses a non-abrasive colorant to cancel out the yellow color of stains.Ā  As a dental professional and expert in developing and manufacturing toothpastes for 40 years, here are my thoughts:
  1. POPWHITEĀ® toothpaste is peroxide free, charcoal free, fluoride free, sulfate free and clinically proven to be sensitivity free. POPWHITEĀ® is PETA certified as cruelty free and vegan. When used twice a day for 2 weeks, it whitens teeth an average of four (4) shades. Unlike charcoal and peroxide that can result in damage to teeth enamel (and thereby making teeth sensitive), POPWHITE does not use charcoal and peroxide. Moreover, POPWHITEĀ® is safe, healthy, has a refreshing flavor and works right before your eyes. Consider POPWHITE as purple shampoo for your teeth. Rub this product onto your teeth and instantly see the purple color cancel out any unwanted yellow tones for a whiter, brighter smile.
  2. Charcoal toothpaste such as HELLOĀ® activated charcoal fluoride free toothpaste contains a mixture of activated black charcoal and their regular toothpaste. While charcoal toothpastes deliver breath freshening and an immediate optical impression of whiter teeth just like POWHITEĀ® toothpaste. However, unlike the gentle action of POPWHITEĀ®, these kinds of toothpastes are typically very abrasive that can wear away enamel and causes sensitivity. Instead POPWHITEĀ® uses a non-abrasive purple colorant that gives the immediate impression of whiter teeth, without abrasively. This is in contrast to the charcoal-based toothpastes such as HELLOĀ®Ā  which create a mess in the bathroom and therefore should be avoided.Ā 

There are, in fact, many benefits which you exclusively get from POPWHITEĀ® Teeth Whitening compared to any other type of teeth whitening procedure as listed below:

Less Risk of Sensitivity

Sensitivity is something which 75% of people feel when they undergo the typical teeth whitening treatment in either at-home or in the dental office. This is because of the harshness of the peroxide bleaching agent used. However, POPWHITEĀ® products makes use of a safer proprietary ā€œoptical color-correcting technologyā€ derived from vegetables, botanicals which does not irritate your teeth and cause the pulp tissues to react adversely. This means that individuals who suffer from teeth sensitivity ought to go for POPWHITE instead of other peroxide teeth whitening systems.

Longer Lasting Results

If youā€™re going to take the time to whiten your teeth and get a beautiful smile, then you might as well have the effects preserved for a longer period of time. Because POPWHITEĀ® removes teeth stains, instead of just lightening them, your results last for a long time withĀ POPWHITEĀ products.Ā POPWHITEĀ teeth whitening pen instantly provides teeth whitening in 2 minutes for just $2, and it provides an added convenience factor of carrying it in your pocket/purse.Ā 

EachĀ POPWHITEĀ pen is good for 10 times use.Ā 


Versatility in Teeth Whitening

POPWHITE toothpaste should be used as part of your daily beauty routine . TheĀ POPWHITEĀ products also reduce plaque and keeps enamel on teeth intact as well as providing longer lasting fresher breath.

With more social gatherings, there can be no doubt that a beautiful, whiter smile is one of the best ways to improve your life. In my opinion professional-grade POPWHITEĀ®, the worldā€™s most advanced non-peroxide teeth whitening products is the best choice for many people who seek an immediate and long-term boost in the brightness of teeth.Ā 

Just visit POPWHITESMILEĀ to purchase POPWHITE products.Ā 


Popwhite Smile - Leading Purple Toothpaste, Pen, Paste and Oral Rinse for Teeth Whitening

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