Tips for Maintaining a Whiter, Brighter Smile, the natural way.

Like a shiny new watch or a sparkling personality, white teeth are an ornamentation. Both men and women are attracted to a bright white smile, concludes a study in the journal PLOS One. Additional research has shown job applicants with white teeth are more likely to be hired than yellow-toothed applicants.

From whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter strips to dental office procedures. Of course, cost is also a factor. The enamel tends to hold the deepest, hardest-to-remove blemishes—that patina of black coffee or red wine that gradually accumulates on your smile like vehicle pollution on the sides of old brick buildings.

While over-the-counter options can be very effective but remember this important caveat: whitening agents do not work on caps, crowns or fillings. If you have had some dental work done, you should speak with your dentist before you whiten your teeth to be sure the results will look uniform, Messina says. Except for POPWHITE products that are safe on all teeth including veneers, crowns and braces. POPWHITE also offers a whitening polishing prophy paste that is used by a dental office to professionally whiten your smile naturally and without causing any sensitivity.

Some dental experts caution against trying some of the more intensive whitening procedures at home. Which is why the POPWHITE whitening toothpaste and oral rinse is the safest way to whiten your teeth without causing any harm to your gums or teeth.  The American Dental Association (ADA) says that while published research suggests most bleaching procedures that use hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to the tissues in a person’s mouth.

Different Shades of White

So how white should you go? That’s really a personal preference thing, Messina says. While some people want their teeth as white as possible, the same PLOS One study mentioned above found that people with “natural” looking teeth scored just as highly in terms of attractiveness when compared to people with ultra-bright white smiles. The natural whitened smile can be easily achieved by replacing your regular toothpaste and mouth wash with the POPWHITE Power Duo.

While extra-white teeth may not be any healthier than stained chompers, Messina says he thinks there are dental health benefits associated with a whiter smile. “I’ve found people who’ve had their teeth whitened are better at brushing and flossing,” he says. “When you’re proud of something, you take better care it.”


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