Prophy Paste – What to Look For When Choosing

Prophy paste is a paste containing mild abrasives, used to remove dental plaque and external stains. Prophylaxis paste is used to polish teeth to reduce further retention of plaque. Dental paste contains a mixture of cleaning and polishing particles. It is professionally used during dental hygiene procedures.

For a prophylaxis paste to be acceptable by patients,

There are 3 major requirements:

  1. Cosmetic effect– it should be able to remove all stains and, make the patient look and feel better. POPWHITE developed the very first whitening prophy paste, providing added-value to a routing cleaning; our professional products work on composites, veneers and natural teeth.
  2. Good taste– it must be with good smell and taste so it can be easily accepted by patients.
  3. Easy handling– good blend and texture makes it easy for both patient and dentist.
POPWHITE Prophy Paste

Properties of good prophylaxis

The most important property of prophy paste is it removes the tough stain as well as polishes the teeth. It is a special paste with grit particles which will break down into small particles for polishing during the same procedure. POPWHITE Prophy Paste is available in fine, medium, coarse and children’s version.  That means prophy paste at the beginning of the treatment removes the stains, then gets converted as a soft polishing paste. Prophy paste without fluoride is better and recommended. Prophy paste gives you a reliable result with complete patient satisfaction.

  • A good prophy paste stays in the cup without splatter.
  • It does not dry or liquifies.
  • It will be easy to use and easy to clean.


Direction for use

Prophy paste is used by professionals for cleaning and polishing of teeth. For one procedure one cup unit dose of prophy paste is used. Use any prophy angle and rubber cup combination. Fill the cup face with low speed running angle. Maintain enough paste in the cup throughout the procedure to avoid overheating. Use suction during the procedure to avoid swallowing of prophy paste.

Advantages of using prophylaxis paste

This is the best solution for cleaning and polishing of teeth in minimum time. The same paste is used for both stain removal and final polishing. With a choice of flavor and taste, prophy paste fits for patients of all ages. Cost effectiveness of prophy paste is another advantage making it a better choice.

    1. Prophy paste for adults

    This paste is used for adults with medium to heavy stains. Medium and Coarse grit is used for regular plaque removal and polishing. It is used for heavy stains of tobacco and thick plaque deposits. POPWHITE carries mint prophy paste in fine, medium and coarse grit.

    1. Prophy paste for kids

    This paste consists of light cleaning and polishing agents. It is a splatter-free, easy to handle paste. A combination of fine and medium grit is recommended for children. POPWHITE now carries a Children’s Prophy Paste in bubblegum flavor in fine grit.



    Prophy paste is gaining all the trust due to its reliable results. It works well for regular maintenance of tooth as well as removal of complicated stains. Its pleasant flavors and taste makes the patient get the well-desired look with easy procedure. Right prophy paste can give your patient a delightful and enjoyable experience. By choosing the best quality, you can achieve a good, long-lasting effect. A prophy paste can help your patient to get that perfectly clean and smoothen teeth without the risk of any damage. POPWHITE is a dentist recommended product line that uses natural FDA approved ingredients and is backed by clinical studies and major publications.

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