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Learn more about POPWHITE’s revolutionary Prophy Paste formulation based on proprietary color science technology – see the video!

POPWHITE is dedicated to alternative teeth-whitening, it is also a premium yet affordable multi-functional line scientifically formulated to effectively clean and strengthen teeth as well as freshen breath.

We have developed the very first whitening prophy paste, providing added-value to a routine cleaning; our professional products work on composites, veneers and natural teeth. POPWHITE’s extended product line includes a fluoride-free, alcohol-free and peroxide-free toothpaste and oral rinse, making it safe enough for all members of the family.

POPWHITE’s  prophy paste, formulated to effectively clean and whiten, created a buzz among dental professionals at the California Dental Association’s convention in Anaheim May 2013. Equally exciting at the event was the brand’s launch of an exclusive, whitening Pro Oral Rinse which attendees tested at POPWHITE’s booth; before and after pictures plus live testimonials captured during the occasion demonstrated whitening results after only a 30-second rinse! POPWHITE is grateful to the California Dental Association for the chance to participate as the POPWHITE booth was so popular that several of the brand’s items sold out early.

More than 28,000 dental professionals from around the world attended this convention, known as the CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry; it provided attendees an opportunity to learn about exciting new products and the latest clinical and technological advances in the industry. The trade show featured more than 175 educational lectures and an exhibition hall packed with more than 570 companies; it spotlighted several innovative products, including POPWHITE.

We developed POPWHITE’s whitening prophy paste, Power of Purple, because if you go into the dentist’s office for cleaner, healthier teeth, it only makes sense to leave with a whiter smile,” said the Chief Product Officer of POPWHITE. He added, “we are delighted that it is an ideal product for dentists who want to reward the diligent patient who comes in for regular cleanings by brightening that patient’s smile.”

Alan Desai, Owner of POPWHITE, had an interesting perspective; he said, “In today’s economy, dental practitioners and patients alike appreciate value-added benefits which are cost and time-efficient.” So, Mr. Desai concluded, “we are very excited about the sales potential of our new POPWHITE prophy paste which simultaneously cleans and whitens.” Of course, POPWHITE’s management and industry-insiders know this is a huge opportunity since there is no other whitening prophy paste on the market.

The cornerstone of POPWHITE’s exceptional product line is its exclusive technology, which is a combination of a proprietary purple dye called POP technology fused with the benefits of high concentrations of powerful Xylitol. POP technology is an advanced teeth-whitening agent that is clinically proven to whiten teeth. Xylitol is an increasingly popular ingredient in wellness products and is clinically proven to have long-lasting dental benefits, such as plaque-control and remineralization. Xylitol has also been shown to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Finally, the paste formats include high-quality gentle cleaning and polishing substances that remove surface stains, revealing an even healthier smile.

POPWHITE POP Technology™

POP Technology™, a proprietary purple dye, leverages the concept of color cancellation in order to mask any yellowish color in order for teeth to appear whiter. Depending on the thickness and opacity of the enamel, amount of plaque and surface stains, as well as the color of the underlying dentin, the color of teeth can vary greatly between white and yellow. The complementary color that can blend with yellowish teeth to yield whiter looking teeth is purple. As light is reflected by untreated teeth, much of the light reflected by the teeth will normally constitute white light; however, yellowish pigments found within some teeth cause teeth to also reflect yellowish colors, which yield teeth that overall reflect a yellowish-white tint. By adding a complementary color to the teeth, by means of the teeth absorbing a FDA-approved purple dye composition, the light reflected by the treated teeth will include rays of the complementary color as well as yellowish light rays. The light rays of the complementary purple combine with and offset the yellowish light rays to yield a blend of light rays that are perceived by the viewer as constituting light that is whiter. Therefore, you have a naturally whiter smile.

When people engage in better oral hygiene practices, they want to see results; those results reinforce the positive changes and motivate repeat purchases. Today’s consumers want the multitasking dental care choices they make to yield a better appearance and brighter smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a $15 billion a year industry and teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic procedure. The at home teeth whitening market is a $700 million industry in the United States and $1 billion industry worldwide.

Not surprisingly, teeth whitening products can often be as exhausting to understand and select as satisfying to finally get right. A lot of consumers are overwhelmed as they comb through dozens of teeth whitening products; however, most whitening products rely solely on hydrogen or carbamide peroxide and are hardly significantly different from the rest.

In contrast, because all of its products are infused with POP technology, POPWHITE naturally promotes whiter teeth and provides an effective and successful alternative to peroxide. All of POPWHITE’s products make teeth whiter immediately and yield even better results with continued use. Moreover, all POPWHITE products are alcohol and fluoride free except for the Power of Purple prophy paste which has 1.23% fluoride ion. All POPWHITE products are peroxide free! Accordingly, it is an optimal line for those with sensitive teeth and safe for kids. The products also have a clean taste, freshen breath and provide an enjoyable experience. Users of POPWHITE’s line describe the result as a “naturally white” looking smile – not artificially bright. Due to the new restrictions on dental bleaching in regions like Europe, POPWHITE is a whitening technology with a truly global appeal. And the products are affordable!



POPWHITE has built a strong portfolio of trusted and clinically proven teeth-whitening products, including its proprietary formula toothpaste, oral rinse and prophy paste. POPWHITE has joined forces with veteran industry manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality products. POPWHITE is on the cusp of exciting partnerships and cutting-edge product expansions are in development. POPWHITE has an office in Orange County, California. POPWHITE’s products are made in the U.S.A. and marketed internationally.


POPWHITE "Power of Purple" Prophy Paste - COARSE GRIT (download here)

POPWHITE "Power of Purple" Prophy Paste - MEDIUM GRIT (download here)

POPWHITE "Power of Purple" Prophy Paste - FINE GRIT (download here)


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