Maintaining good oral health at home during an pandemic

The pandemic has rippled into many health aspects of our lives, one of which is our dental or oral health. Not only is good oral hygiene paramount to our well-being in general, but the pandemic has created new challenges that made maintaining oral care at home more important than ever. During the peak of the pandemic, most elective dental procedures have been postponed to reduce the burden on emergency services at medical practices. Besides, individuals who are at increased risk of obtaining the Covid virus may feel uncomfortable making frequent trips outside of their house. By having a satisfactory dental hygiene practice at home, you can overcome these challenges during this unprecedented time as it reduces your likelihood of requiring an emergency dental procedure done.

Multiple foolproof ways are essential to achieve good oral care at home including brushing your teeth with your favorite toothpaste twice a day, flossing between your teeth as well as cleaning and replacing your toothbrush as recommended. Another all-time favorite method of achieving fresh minty breath and promoting oral health is integrating the use of mouthwash into your daily dental care. Using mouthwash is great because its cavitation fighting formula can prevent demineralization of your teeth enamels. Besides, a mouthwash with antiseptic properties can also fight off gum diseases.

Not only that, but mouthwash also has a role in maintaining the cosmetics of your teeth. Take, for example, POPWHITE's 2-in-1 Teeth Whitener + Oral Rinse is a revolutionary product that utilizes a color correcting patented technology to leave you with brighter and whiter teeth by cancelling out the yellow in dental stains. By using this mouthwash at least twice daily for 2 weeks, not only can you enjoy the benefits of a regular mouthwash but you whiten your teeth naturally with no sensitivity. By harnessing the power of a great mouthwash during the pandemic, you can avoid an unnecessary visit during the pandemic while maintaining a great and healthy oral health.


POPWHITE's 2-in-1 Teeth Whitener + Oral Rinse
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