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When I first saw the claim that POPWHITE prophy paste whitened teeth I thought NO WAY! I was so surprised to see how this technology whitened teeth. I know a little about color technology, so this all made sense to me. My patients noticed immediately too which was great! Even though the whitening is temporary, my patients walk out happy that they had their teeth cleaned. The paste is easy to use, cleans extremely well and I experienced no splatter. When I ask my patients if they’d like their teeth whitened while I clean, they ALWAYS say YES! I especially see whitening on the incisal edges which is cool. We still use other pastes, but not very often that’s for sure.

– Trista Hamilton, RDH

I love this new product! I first saw it at the ADA convention in San Francisco and was a bit skeptical at first. But the science behind color combinations is pretty sound and I thought I’d give it a try. The first patient I used it on had some nasty yellow tones to her teeth and the purple color toned those down immediately and the patient looked into the mirror after the cleaning and was shocked. I’d like to see some additional flavors and grits, but the results are there and the product was easy to work with. No Mess! I see more whitening on some patients than others, but always something. I like that it’s gluten free as well. Best of all, the cost was actually less than what I was using before. Costs less, whitening feature…I’m hooked!

– Christine Wells, RDH